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The Bowman 12 volt range has been developed for small children from the ages of 3 to 7 years old.  Through the range they all come fitted with lap belts and fully enclosed engine covers.  These little Karts can be used commercially or a unique gift for that special little person.  The karts can be used indoors or outdoors and on most flat surfaces.  Powered by a 12 volt electric motor, and operated by an electronic throttle pedal, they can be driven at a brisk walking pace speed.  They have electronic braking systems built into the purpose built speed controller, simply take your foot off the pedal and the kart will stop.  This makes the karts much easier to drive by only having one pedal on the kart.   The power source is a high amp Optima yellow top gel battery that will give a minimum of 4 hours constant operation.  The Optima yellow top battery is very safe and represents no hazard should it sustain any damage.   Children will have hours of fun driving these great little karts.  We can also offer for sale a business package that includes 4 Bowman Sportz Cars or Kub Karts, an inflatable track, and battery chargers.  This package is ideal for village fetes, birthday parties and special occasions.




Bowman Sportz Car

The Bowman Sportz car is available in a choice of colours.  We can also customise this model fo individual customers with items like: Working lights, horn, leather look trim, carpet and chrome bumpers. The Sportz Car has a tough steel powder coat painted chassis, steel wheels with pneumatic tyres and a simple quick lift up hinged GRP body for easy access to the battery and electronics. 





Bowman Bambino Kart

The Bowman Bambino Kart is available in a choice of colours, comes with an adjustable seat.  Optional extras: Delux engine cover, deluxe racing bodywork (as Pictured). The Bambino Kart has a powder coat painted tubular chassis, pneumatic racing slick tyres mounted on alloy Oke rims, racing style bodywork and racing steering geometry. 



The Bowman Kub

The Bowman Kub is available in a choice of colours.  The Kub is a tough little character, made from steel and finished in a quality powder coated paint finish that rides on steel wheels fitted with pneumatic tyres.  This kart was originally designed for the rental market due to its robust qualities.

Standard Specifications
  • 12 volt electric motor
  • 4 hour battery run time
  • Quality hand built welded frame
  • Powder coated paint finish
  • Safety belt
  • Pneumatic tyres
  • Easy control system
  • Emergency Stop Switch
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