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The Bowman Arrow is a fantastic Rental Kart, based on the highly successful racing Bowman Pro Kart. The kart has proved extremely popular in rental format. The Arrow handles great and outperforms its rivals hands down. The frame is chrome molybdenum steel tube, a high quality specification material, with excellent torsion qualities. The frame is hand built and welded and given a tough durable powder coat finish.

A hard wearing polyethylene floor panel is fitted, as are deformable sidepods, rubber mounted bumpers and side wraps. The side wraps give great side impact protection, and increases the savings in repair damage to wheels, stub axles and other components.


Specifications & Options 
Standard Specifications Options
  • Racy plastic nose panel
  • Oke hydraulic brake system
  • Quick release rear axle bearing carriers
  • Heavy duty chrome steering column
  • Tough nylon track arm
  • Plastic axle cover
  • Oke alloy rims
  • Slick tyres
  • Tough plastic XL seat
  • Brake disc guard protector
  • Belt drive
  • Honda GX 160/200cc - dry clutch
  • Twin Honda GX 200cc engine - dry clutch
  • Honda GX 200/270cc engine with 2:1 wet clutch gearbox
  • Centre fuel tank- vacuum pump
  • Low mounted exhaust system
  • Low mounted catalytic exhaust system
  • Roll hoop and safety belts
  • US rear engine cover
  • Upholstered seat
  • Pedal extensions
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