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Electric Rental Karts

The Bowman Electric range has various models available to suit size of facility, size of person and size of budget.  A big plus for going electric is no indoor extraction system, no noise pollution and of course no emissions.

 Our range starts with the Electric Bowman Storm. This kart is to date our most popular electric kart, we have sold numerous fleets of these karts, some of which are still running the original chassis 10 years on.  A great durable chassis, that feels perfectly balanced.

We move onto the Electric Eco kart which is Bowmans latest electric kart, ideal for smaller facilities and comes in adult and cadet sizes.

Finally we have the Bowman 12v range.  These have been developed for the much smaller child that isn’t quite ready to drive Cadet Karts.  We have 3 models currently available and others in the making:  The Bowman Sportz Car, The Bowman Bambino kart and the original Bowman Kub.

Like all the Bowman Kart range, pedals are available in chrome finish or powder coat paint RED for STOPGREEN for GO.


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Electric Storm Kart Electric Eco 24v Bowman 12v Range
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