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The Bowman Spark Electric is a fantastic child kart, for indoor or outdoors.

Fun and safe to drive, great handling qualities, terrific braking and steering, comfortable and easy to control, truly a great kart.

The frame is chrome molybdenum steel tube, a high quality specification material, with excellent torsion qualities. The frame is hand built and welded and given a tough durable powder coat finish.

A hard wearing polyethylene floor panel is fitted, as are rubber mounted bumpers and side wraps. The side wraps give great side impact protection, and increases the savings in repair damage to wheels, stub axles and other components.


The kart is 24 volt and has two 12 volt gel batteries. The gel batteries are very safe and represent no hazard should they sustain any damage. The batteries are safely secured in the sidepods either side of the driver. To optimize the performance and life of the batteries, it is recommended to run the karts for up to 8 minute sessions at a time. While half the karts are charging half the karts would be running on the track. The charge time corresponds to run time up to 8 minutes. If the karts are run much more than 8 to 10 minutes the charge time will increase considerably, and that is not suitable for rental kart tracks. The battery life is between 5 to 9 months depending on track design and power setting, although this figure can vary.

The electric motor is mounted behind the driver in the engine bay and accepts both chain and belt drive.

The motor is managed by a controller ‘brain’ that has fully programmable settings to maximize a variety of functions, such as acceleration, speed etc.. The karts never go ‘out of tune’ and will always be equal, unlike the 4 stroke engines. Electric motors produce maximum torque at low revs, giving instant acceleration, no vibration and a fantastic drive.

At first the cost of electric karts and chargers may seem high, but when you consider the costs of petrol, oil, clutch and engine components the true costs are significantly reduced. Of course no extraction system is required for indoor facilities, this factor alone can place the karts at many venues that would deny a petrol engine access.

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