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The Bowman 24v Electric Eco kart comes in adult and cadet size. These karts have been developed from the Bowman Eco petrol range. Like their petrol brothers they are The Best Value Electric Karts available.  These karts are ideal for indoor use, where speeds are slightly restricted compared to the larger outdoor circuits and of course no bad fumes or noise to contend with.  They run using a DC 24v motor that is controlled by a fully programmable Sevcon Millipak controller, which are powered by two Optima Yellow top gel batteries. The batteries are world renowned for their quality and more importantly, safety.

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Specifications & Options  
Standard Specifications 24v Eco Electric Options
  • Polyethylene front & rear bumpers rubber mounted
  • Polyethylene side wrap protection rubber mounted
  • Tough plastic sidepod battery covers
  • Oke hydraulic brake system
  • Quick release rear axle bearing carriers
  • Heavy duty steering column
  • Plastic axle cover
  • Chain drive
  • Oke alloy rims
  • Slick tyres
  • Tough plastic seat
  • Brake disc guard protector
  • Under kart charging system
  • Roll hoop and safety belts
  • Belt drive
  • Upholstered seat
  • Pedal extensions
  • Reverse switch
  • Motor brake switch
  • Emergency stop switch
Photo Gallery  
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