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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you recommend to run the karts for a maximum of eight minutes?

If the karts are used for up to eight minutes the charge time required to restore the battery level for a repeat ride will be same as drive time, eight minutes.

What happens if we run the karts longer than eight minutes?

The longer you run the karts and discharge the batteries, the greater amount of time you will need to recharge. The charge time is not proportionate to the discharge time when the battery is discharged by more than 80%.

Why does it take longer to recharge if we run more than eight minutes?

If the battery is discharged by more than 20%, the charge time required to restore the battery level will increase considerably. By only running the kart for up to eight minutes, the battery level is maintained above the 80% level. This allows the batteries to recharge in equal time as run time.

How long will the batteries last?

By running the karts up to 6 minute sessions max , a set of batteries should last up to 3500 rides.

What can affect battery longevity?

A good flowing track, without too many slow corners or gradients, ensuring the karts are charging correctly, and the power of karts is not too high will also increase the karts battery life.

How do the karts compare in performance with petrol karts?

The Bowman Electric karts are a match for any petrol kart. They accelerate faster than the petrol karts and the Bowman Storm probably handles better than most of the petrol karts currently available.

Will I need an extraction system?

No extraction system is required with the electric karts. This can result in huge operational savings and capital expenditure on an extraction system, and carbon monoxide monitoring equipment. The operational costs alone of extracting polluted air and constantly replacing with fresh air, both in the winter and summer can be extremely expensive. All these costs are negated with the Bowman Electric Karts.

Can we overcharge the batteries?

The chargers have a shut off system that does not permit the batteries to be overcharged.

What kind of chargers should we use?

We can offer a single phase or a three phase charger for your Bowman karts. The single phase chargers are less powerful and not really suitable for the 48 volt karts as they only supply a maximum 50 amp charge, however they can be used on the child karts. The three phase chargers are maximum 100 amp charge and ideal for the Storm Karts. A 400 volt three phase with a tolerance maximum 15% (min volts 340v max voltage 460 volts).

Can we have an under kart charging system:

Bowman mount under kart charge sticks that pick up on charge plates that automatically charge the kart when it comes to rest in the pits. Full details are available from Bowman on pit lane and charge platform construction. Although more expensive than the conventional jack plug charge system, it does offer a very professional and quicker pit lane flow.

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